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Review: Primer (9)

Easily one of the most thought provoking films I have ever seen, Primer is a excellent example of a movie that requires multiple viewings minimum to truly grasp and understand. Between the narative structure and the expectation of the audience to fill in many blanks, it would be easy to dismiss it as convoluted or overly confusing. However, having really gotten into this film and explored it’s in depth themes and ideas, I appreciate it for the amazing work of art is it. If Primer is anything, it’s not dumbed down for a mainstream audience, and those of us that appreciate really having to think once in a while will revel in this. Don’t think of it as a movie, think of it as a moving picture puzzle. Putting the peices together is half the fun, the other is exploring the ramifications that Primer’s themes have on our way of life. Above all, Primer is an excellent peice of unique and creative filmmaking, all the more impressive considering it’s shoestring $7,000 budget.



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