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Flashback Friday: 4/5/05 – “Entries about my day are exciting and everyone should care”

note: every friday I will be pulling an old entry off my livejournal that I find amusing. Sometimes going back and seeing what you wrote years ago can be strangely awesome.

“Entries about my day are exciting and everyone should care”

Katy came and visited me today at work. It made my day because she made me realize that no one wants to read me bitching about things. People want to hear about my exciting day!

Today I woke up early, but didn’t want to get up. I laid in bed and reminded myself how much I hate little kids. I finally got up, realized I was late for work, took my time getting ready, stroked one out, took a couple shits, and drove in. Then I just kinda gazed at the ceiling for a while and thought about choking old people. I remember this one lady the other day at Safeway, she cut me off and just sat there in her peice of shit mini van for like 30 seconds. I wanted to run after her car, bash in the window, and pull her out my her throat. Then I’d ride around in one of the shopping carts. Those things are awesome! I’d also make sure to leave it in the middle of a parking spot. Everyone loves it when people do that!

After work I was watching TV and I have to ask, has anyone seen the latest line of Saturn Commercials? They’re not really new anymore, but I’d like to mention how incredibly stupid they are.

This is how one of them goes, kid you not:

Woman: “You go your whole life being number one and then bam, one day… *looks down at a baby*…you’re number two…THAT’S why I bought a Saturn.”

It’s almost as good as the Degree commercials that say “for those who like to take risks.” Yeah, like I am going to risk using your product after hearing that.

Katy’s totally right. This was way better than posting lyrics nobody reads or complaining about Ashlee Simpson. Maybe next time I can integrate some jokes about religion too!

The way of the world, part 752:

= $$$


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