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Review: Prometheus


After a first hour of brilliant set-up and absolutely gorgeous cinematography, this new film from Ridley Scott becomes much more complicated to review. This is a movie that tries to be much more intelligent than it turns out to be. It features mostly paper-thin characters often doing and saying frustratingly illogical things. It raises far more questions than it is willing to answer, and panders to certain groups of people in an effort to not offend them. There are numerous plot holes that can easily be nitpicked to death for comical effect. Yet despite all that, it remains an interesting and thrilling adventure, one that enthralled me beginning to end. I would gladly sit down for a repeat viewing and attempt to unravel some of the mysteries within.

In addition to the fact that this is a seriously good-looking movie, the performance given by Michael Fassbender is fantastic. He really nails a believable nuance with the android David, and serves a great importance to the story. Although he is essentially the villain at times, he is one of the well developed characters. Noomie Repace is here as another strong female protagonist, her sometimes bizzare leaps in logic aside.


The atmosphere, especially in the scenes involving exploring dark unknown corridors, is as effective as you’d hope. There’s a level of symbolism that might have been accidental, but if you pick up on it can add a lot to filling in the blanks. I can’t understate how much that sense of wonder and curiosity that permeates the picture helps or overcome the problems I mentioned.

Without going to much more into detail (and to avoid spoilers), I can sum up Prometheus as an uneven but interesting film. It’s visually and mentally stimulating, if overly ambitious. I will almost always be more forgiving of a film that encourages and damn near requires further discussion over one that is meant to be disposable entertainment. So for all of the flaws in this ambitious Alien-prequel, I’d give it a strong recommendation to at least see it for yourself.

Score: 8/10


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