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Golden Tate’s Golden Gifs Part Two

As we covered in Part One, Golden Tate of the Seattle Seahawks has a knack for making entertaining and impressive plays with a whole lot of showmanship (and maybe a bit too much trash talk).

Golden Superman

The next game of the 2012 season was at Miami, and Tate made one of the season’s most amazing catches:

2012 Dolphins catch

He followed it up with this clutch last-second go ahead TD at Chicago!

2012 Chicago TD

By the time Seattle hosted the Rams to end the season, Tate was making it look easy:

2012 Rams cant catch me

In the playoffs, Seattle had a huge deficit to overcome. Tate to the rescue. Take a stroll, young man:

2012 playoffs

Tate is up to his old tricks in 2013. He’s as fast and elusive as ever:

Jax first

jax check

But he still has time for some over-the-top showboating. First against the Cardinals:

2013 Cards jump

And his most recent headline, the 30-yards-of-trash-talk game winning touchdown against the Rams:

2013 Rams

2013 rams angle

Tate is still young and brash, often letting his emotions get to him in ways that risk drawing the wrong kind of attention from officials. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. That never-back-down, cocky, confident approach has made Tate one of the most hated players in the league, but it’s also partially because he wins.

So in conclusion, don’t hate Golden Tate!

dont hate


2 responses

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  2. Jordan

    The kid has talent, he’s got the skills to be a solid number two WR, his skill is just overshadowed by the brash, ridiculous antics and cheap shots he lays on people. Arrogance is one thing, but I think its a little too soon to be cocky. He reminds me of Terrell Owens with his attitude, but Terrell is a legend, Golden Tate is an above average WR who will fade into obscurity if he doesn’t win anything.

    November 1, 2013 at 2:11 pm

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