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Seattle Seahawks Top 10 Moments of the 2013 Season


The 2013 season for the Seattle Seahawks will go down, at least for now, as their best regular season ever. They matched their previous best record of 13-3, but did it against perhaps even greater competition and while putting up historic numbers on defense. With Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch leading the offense, they were lethal on both sides of the ball. They especially showed this at home, where the crowds at Centurylink Field broke the sound record for an outdoor stadium twice in the same season. But what really set this team apart is their consistency no matter where they played, going 6-2 on the road along with their 7-1 home record. Here are the top 10 moments of the season for Seahawk fans.


10. Golden Tate’s Amazing One-Handed Touchdown at Atlanta

russell-wilson-to-golden-tate-who-made-an-amazing-catch-a (1) goldentate1

The Seahawks were already beating up on the surprisingly hapless Falcons, but with seconds remaining in the first half, they wanted more. Wilson expertly guided them down-field, ending with this spectacular catch by Tate. It may have come in a blowout, but this catch was too good not to include on the list.

Here’s the full video of the play:

Golden Tate One-Handed Touchdown


9.  Percy Harvin’s Catch + 58 yard kickoff return vs. Minnesota



Percy Harvin has been a carrot on a stick for pretty much all of the season for Seattle. He was injured in training camp and required surgery, delaying his debut in blue and also leading to his fair share of detractors. That frustration was erased, at least for a day, when he made a brief debut against his old team, the Minnesota Vikings. First he made a wild, bobbling catch mid-way through the second quarter for a first down. The crowd ate it up. But it was a few minutes later, in the final minute of the half, that Seahawk fans finally saw the potential they had traded for. Harvin blasted through the Vikings kickoff coverage like a rocket, barely being stopped by a touchdown-saving tackle.

Here’s the full video of the return:

Percy Harvin 58 Yard Kick Return


8.  Marshawn Lynch Strolls In for a Touchdown vs San Francisco

The week 2 matchup between the Seahawks and the 49ers figured to be pivotal in controlling the NFC West, and the Seahawks looked to prove that their 42-21 drubbing of the Niners in 2012 was no fluke. Although they started slowly on offense, the defense punished San Francisco all night as the crowd broke the Guinness World Record for loudest crowd roar. When the 4th quarter began, Marshawn Lynch showed his well-known swagger as his walk-into-the-end-zone touchdown sealed the deal and gave Seattle the advantage it would need all season.


This game also brought us the Pete Carroll GIF of the year:


Here’s the full video of the touchdown:

Marshawn Lynch 7 Yard Touchdown Pass vs 49ers


7.  Golden Tate’s Incredible 71 Yard Punt Return vs Tampa Bay


Simply put, this is one of the very best punt returns I’ve ever seen that didn’t go all the way for a touchdown. But the situation was just as important. Seattle had inexplicably gone down 21-0 to the winless Bucs, at home no less. Although they later trailed 24-7, Seattle never panicked. After adding another touchdown, the defense held, getting the ball back down 24-14 as the 3rd quarter wound down. Tate broke six tackles on the play, firing up the crowd and the team. Seattle completed the ridiculous comeback and won in OT, 27-24.

Here’s the full video of the return:

Golden Tate 71 Yard Punt Return


6. Golden Tate Taunts His Way to a Touchdown at St. Louis


The Seahawks struggled most of the game on offense when they traveled to meet division foe St. Louis. Although the defense had held the Rams without a Touchdown, Seattle clung to a one point lead. Enter this beautiful long bomb from Russell Wilson to Tate, who had engaging in bitter smack talk the entire game with the Rams secondary. Tate couldn’t wait to get into the end zone to celebrate, taunting the Rams safety all the way down the field for 30+ yards. His “bye bye” gestures may have earned him a flag, but it also provided enough for Seattle to come home with win.

Here’s the full video of the play:

Golden Tate 80 Yard Touchdown Catch


5. Jermaine Kearse’s Game-Winning Touchdown Catch at Carolina


In Week 1, Seattle traveled to play Carolina. Although Carolina wasn’t heavily favored in the NFC, the Seahawks knew this matchup could prove very important down the line. Trailing 7-6 in the 4th quarter, Russell Wilson lofted a perfect throw towards the end zone and Kearse came down with what would be the game-winning catch. This win helped Seattle secure the #1 seed late in the season by guaranteeing them a potential tie-breaker against 2nd seed Carolina.

Here’s the full video of the play:

Jermaine Kearse’s Game-Winning Touchdown Catch at Carolina



4. Epic Goal Line Stand at St. Louis


Even with Golden Tate’s 80 yard touchdown, the Seahawks only had a 14-9 lead as the final minutes wore down in St. Louis for Monday Night Football. The Rams put together a brilliant final drive, calmly making it inside the 5 yard line as they looked to pull off the huge upset. It came down to one play, 4th and goal, from the one yard line, with 4 seconds remaining. One of the most heart-stopping moments of the season ended happily, as Brandon Browner successfully defended the pass from Kellen Clemens and time expired. The Seahawks had held on for a 14-9 victory and fans could breathe a sigh of relief.

Here’s the full video of the final play of the game:

Seahawks Game-Winning Goal Line Stand


3.  Malcolm Smith Interception Return for Touchdown vs St. Louis 


As the Seahawks entered Week 17, they were coming off a rare home loss to the Cardinals. This caused the team to need a win vs the Rams to ensure they clinched the #1 seed and the NFC West Title. A strong showing would be needed to make sure it didn’t come down to the last play, as happened the last time in St. Louis. There was also anxiety due to the recent home loss (their 2nd overall loss in 3 games) making the team seem far less unbeatable. Fortunately for Seattle, any nervousness was quelled in the 1st quarter, when Malcolm Smith snagged this missed catch and rumbled all the way for a touchdown. The Seahawks never looked back, winning 27-9 and locking up the division championship.

Here’s the full play:

Malcolm Smith Pick Six


2. Record Breaking Sack + Fumble Return For Touchdown vs New Orleans

drew-brees-stripped-and-seattle-touchdown (1)


The showdown between the Saints and Seahawks on Monday Night Football was clearly the game of the year up until that point. The winner would likely have the fast track to the #1 seed, and with it home-field advantage in the playoffs. The Seahawks and their fans needed to come out strong, as they attempted to intimidate the Saints and once again reclaim their World Record for “loudest crowd roar” which had been taken by Kansas City. After an early field goal put Seattle up 3-0, Bruce Irvin got to Drew Brees for a sack. The resulting fumble tipped right to Michael Bennett, who took it to the house and even showed off some crowd-pleasing dance moves. The roof was blown off CenturyLink Field, as the crowd regained the record and the Seahawks never looked back. Their 34-7 victory was the season’s signature win on the national stage and put Seattle as the clear favorites in the NFC.

Here’s the full clip of the play:

Michael Bennett Fumble Return for Touchdown


1.  Richard Sherman’s Clutch Pick 6 at Houston


For me, nothing beats this moment from the 2013 season. The 3-0 Seahawks came into Houston flying high to take on the 2-1 Texans, but played their worst 1st half since the playoffs against Atlanta the year before. After falling behind 20-3 at Halftime, they only managed a field goal in the 3rd quarter and began the 4th down 20-6. Russell Wilson led the team on a touchdown drive to get within 7, and the defense needed a stop as the final minutes closed in. They not only got the stop, but Richard Sherman saved the game by stepping in front of a Matt Shaub pass, lost his shoe, and still ran it back for the game-tying score. The Seahawks prevailed in overtime, showing the mettle they’d use to win numerous close games as the season wore on. The 4-0 start gave Seattle enough room to stay in 1st place the entire year. Meanwhile, this game sent the Texans into a tailspin, losing every single game the rest of the year and finishing 2-14. Ouch.

 Here’s the play:

Richard Sherman Pick Six FTW


Honorable Mention: Ricardo Lockette’s Brutally Awesome Hit On This Punt Return:




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