Rants, Reviews, Musings, and otherwise unconstructive critisisms of what you like and why I'm always right.

Rant of the Day Index

Index of Rant of the Day posts:


Seahawks Fan Reaction Montage – NFC Championship Game 2014

The Greatest Play in Seattle Sports History?

Seattle Seahawks Top 10 Moments of the 2013 Season

Golden Tate’s Golden Gifs Part 2

Golden Tate’s Golden Gifs Part 1

Flashback Friday: Dumb Customer Quotes

Why the Seahawks-Packers finish was not an interception, and why it would have been called the same by any referee crew

Star Wars in 3D is the worst thing ever

Why LOST Sucks: As Told By Non-Watchers

Flashback Friday: 4/5/05 – “Entries about my day are exciting and everyone should care”

Pre-Game Strategy: Earl’s on the Ave

Never Gonna Give You Up

The Internet: It’s srs bsns


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