Rants, Reviews, Musings, and otherwise unconstructive critisisms of what you like and why I'm always right.

Review Index

You can find my reviews here.



Gravity (10/10)




Ben’s Top 10 Movies of 2012 Post


Bond, James Bond: Ranking 50 years of the world’s most famous spy (Part 1)


Best of Bond continued (Part 2)


Looper (9/10)

Rock of Ages (6/10)

Snow White and the Huntsman (5/10)

The Bourne Legacy (6/10)

The Dark Knight Rises (9/10)

Prometheus (8/10)

The Avengers (7/10)

The Cabin in the Woods (9/10)

The Hunger Games (8/10)

Chronicle (7/10)


Older Reviews:

Lost Series Finale Review

Avatar (9/10)

Primer (9/10)

Fave Films: The Prestige

Fave Films: Star Wars

Fave Films: The Empire Strikes Back

Fave Films: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Battlestar Galactica Mini-Review




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